Clipperton releases today its inaugural European Health Tech Monitor Q1 2024. In this report, our view on the European Health Tech Environment is provided alongside mapping, a public comps index, and selected valuation benchmarks, while transaction activity and trends are highlighted through selected private placement, M&A, and LBO transactions.

The European funding landscape is shifting gears post-2021, witnessing a decline in deal numbers and average round sizes. however, Digital Health investments remain steady amidst this transition. Meanwhile, M&A activities in the sector are smaller players seeking consolidation to overcome market entry challenges and deliver comprehensive solutions.

AI integration into global healthcare is catalyzing advancements in diagnostics, personalized treatments, and predictive analytics. With AI surpassing human capabilities in certain diagnostics tasks, its role is becoming increasingly pivotal. Projections suggest a substantial growth in the European AI healthcare market, reaching $50 billion by 2028, reflecting the transformative potential of AI technologies.

The pandemic accelerated the growth of at-home testing and remote patient monitoring markets, introducing convenient and accessible healthcare solutions. Even beyond the pandemic, the appeal of at-home testing persists due to its potential cost savings and scalability for population health initiatives. These platforms are reshaping the future of diagnostics by bringing a variety of tests directly to patients’ homes.

In 2024, the healthcare industry sees continued investments in robotic systems aimed at augmenting rather than replacing human roles. Robotics streamline repetitive tasks, enhance efficiency, and improve patient outcomes while reducing costs. This automation trend underscores a shift towards more efficient healthcare delivery models.

In this paper, the following topics are covered:

Market overview:

  • Our view on the European Health Tech Environment;
  • Mapping;
  • Public comps index;
  • Selected valuation benchmarks.

Transaction activity and trends:

  • Selected private placement transactions;
  • Selected M&A transactions;
  • Selected LBO transactions.

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