Clipperton Finance, a leading European corporate finance boutique serving the technology and media industries, has released a Newsletter concentrating on European e-commerce. Clipperton Finance has provided transaction services to European Technology and Media companies since its inception in 2003.

Following the short-term fall-out of the financial crisis in mid-2008, we have observed a significant increase in investment activity in the European e-commerce space which shows no sign of abating. Investors are attracted to a segment with favorable macro-drivers, capital efficiency through early revenue generation and a thorough understanding of key performance metrics.

The purpose of this report is to evaluate the trends that make this market so attractive, to understand the challenges for European e-commerce companies, and to explore some future developments.

About Clipperton Finance

Based in Paris and London, Clipperton Finance is a European corporate finance boutique dedicated to the High Tech and Media industries. Clipperton is focused on start-up and high-growth companies in the Internet, Software, Telecom, Components, CleanTech, MedTech and Media spaces, advising them in their financial transactions: fundraising/capital increases and Mergers & Acquisitions. Over the past years the company and its team have successfully structured numerous high level international transactions in the European High Tech sector.