E-Blink raises €6m in a new round of financing

Date: December, 1st, 2010

Wireless Technology – E-Blink raises €6m in a new round of financing

Clipperton Finance acted as Sole Manager of the transaction.

Paris, London – December 2010 – Clipperton Finance, a leading European corporate finance boutique dedicated to the High Tech and Media industries, today announced the closing of a €6m capital raising for E-Blink SA, leader in Full-Wireless base stations solutions. Seventure Partners joins Sofimac Innovation, Alven Capital and 360 Capital Partners for this new round. Clipperton Finance acted as Sole Manager of the transaction.

Based in the Paris region (Essonne), E-Blink designs and develops innovative solutions for wireless networks: E-Blink enables to replace the coaxial or fiber optic cables installed on mobile network base stations by a wireless RRH (Remote Radio Head), facilitating the link between antennas and their radio equipment on the ground.

With no equivalent on the market, this system simplifies equipment installation, alleviates visual pollution and reduces energy needs, while insuring the performance mobile operators expect. Thanks to these advantages, E-Blink’s solution multiplies the number of sites eligible for deployment.

E-Blink’s system is ideal for mature networks undergoing densification or updating, but also for accelerating new deployments. It is available for 2G, 3G and very soon for 4G frequencies. Because of their flexibility, E-Blink’s products allow operators to expand, optimize and preserve their networks, while speeding up the deployment process. The explosive growth in data traffic on wireless networks spurred by the massive spread of smartphones makes network densification a top priority for mobile operators;EBlink will enable them to cope with capacity increase at a lower cost both in dense urban areas and through new “high points”in rural areas.

Now a member of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), E-Blink has attracted several international operators. Five of them have already used and validated E-Blink products, and a contract for large scale deployment has been signed in 2010. Technical and commercial partnerships are in progress with first tier OEMs.

6 million euros to accelerate growth

Today, Masseran Gestion joins the historic investors, I-Source, 360 Capital Partners and Alven Capital.
“These new funds will enable us to accelerate our international commercial development. We are also recruiting to reinforce our research and development activity”, say co-founders Alain Rolland and Christian Bittar.
Alain Rolland and Christian Bittar added: “Working with Clipperton Finance was instrumental to the success of this financing round. Clipperton Finance has proved extremely valuable throughout the entire process, showing strong commitment and reactivity.”
“Financing is key for telecom equipment companies, especially for E-Blink at its current stage of development where it experiences significant growth opportunities. We are delighted to have helped E-Blink build up a successful team of investors” commented Stéphane Valorge and Thibaut Revel, the Partners at Clipperton Finance in charge of the operation.

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