Clipperton Finance, a leading European corporate finance boutique focused on the High Tech and Media industries, today announced the release of its second Newsletter on Listed European High Tech and Media companies. The Newsletter presents both an overview of European listed company valuations in the first half of 2010 and analyses of a few specific major deals and selected companies.

In this H1 2010 release, we have added 205 German listed companies to the Clipperton Technology Index (CTI) now made of 662 tech companies listed in London, Paris or Frankfurt, and identify the brighter spots within the generally lackluster market over the period. Namely, we find the CTI European tech stocks outperforming the major national indices, and the small- and mid-cap European tech stocks outperforming stagnant large-caps. All in all, these are positive signals from the European markets for the VC community, despite the very quiet IPO activity and the still shy comeback of technology M&A.

In terms of companies to watch, we come back on SAP‘s $5.8bn acquisition of Sybase as well as of the recent activities of Iliad, Axel Springer, and ASOS. We eventually zoom on the Cleantech segment – introducing SMA Solar Technology and Alstom and giving an overview ofSoitec‘s acquisition of Concentrix Solar.

Clipperton Finance has provided transaction services to the European High Tech and Media Companies since its inception in 2003, with a focus on innovative private companies. Nevertheless, we track the listed companies in our space, as they have an active role both as role models and as potential exits for our customers. Clipperton’s Listed Companies Newsletter, published biannually, takes a medium-to-long term view of European capital markets and focuses on the strategic rationale behind each period’s major deals and shifts in valuation.

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Based in Paris and London, Clipperton Finance is a European corporate finance boutique dedicated to the High Tech and Media industries. Clipperton is focused on start-up and high-growth companies in the Internet, Software, Telecom, Components, CleanTech, MedTech and Media spaces, advising them in their financial transactions: fundraising/capital increases and Mergers & Acquisitions. Over the past years the company and its team have successfully structured numerous high level international transactions in the European High Tech sector.