Wyplay announces collaboration with ViXS Systems

Date: January, 1st, 2011

ViXS Systems Inc. powers Wyplay’s set-top box client software on its XCode® 4200 series of products

Las  Vegas,  USA,  January  6,  2011

WYPLAY,  the  world’s leader  in  innovative TV5centric  Operator software  solutions announced  today  that  ViXS  Systems  Inc.  has integrated Wyplay’s  set5top  boxClient software  onto its  XCode® 4200 series of products.  The integration of the Client software in addition to the advanced multimedia processing found in the XCode® 4200 will enable ViXS to offer both Broadcasters and Operators the power to enable features and functions that will deliver billable services sought after by their customers.

WYPLAY’s software solutions sit at the very heart of the connected home and power the top brand names in consumer electronics and broadcaster/operator providers such as SFR and key Vodafone entities. Wyplay’s offering is one of the broadest in the market spanning complete connected media players,  to  a  full  range  of  global  and local  web  services  (VoD,  MoD,  GoD),  Over5The5Top  web experiences, media  playback  via  intuitive  3D  interface,  support  for  Widgets,  and  unparalleled connectivity. Wyplay’s solutions provide an unsurpassed end user experience creating a strong and loyal subscriber base to their respective operators.

ViXS’ smart processors put it firmly at the center of the delivery of digital media from high quality video  distribution  to  a  large  array  of  devices,  including:  advanced  operator  set5top  boxes;Connnected5TV; Blu5ray/PVR devices; network5attached storage (NAS) devices; and mobile/portable devices. XCode  4200® series,  launched  in  March 2010,  is  a  powerful  multimedia  processor  with  a wide  variety  of  features  designed  specifically  for  next  generation  STB and  Gateway  solutions for operators focused on increasing revenue and decreasing churn.

“We are very enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by this collaboration to continue to create best5in5class solutions for operators”, said Jacques Bourgninaud, CEO of Wyplay. “The ViXS’ XCode® 4200 Series delivers many unique technologies that are necessary to allow Wyplay’s software to be fully utilized, some technologies include; an advanced 3D engine, support for Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1, and of course ViXS’ industry5leading transcoding capabilities. This collaboration will allow both companies to  extend  and  enrich  the 3D user  experience  as  well  as  deliver  on Operators’  35screen strategies”.

“We  are  impressed  with  the major  accomplishments  of  Wyplay  in  the  operator  market,  particular among the Tier51 service operators, and believe that the power of our XCode 4200 Series will unleash the  power  of  Wyplay’s  software”,  said  Sally  Daub,  President  &  CEO  of  ViXS  Systems  Inc.  “This collaboration with Wyplay will enable us to continue our leading position as a multimedia solutions innovator, pushing the envelope targeted for next generation operators’ products”.

About Wyplay:

Independent,  global,  and  internationally  recognized,  Wyplay  provides  state5of5the5art  solutions  for Connected5HDTVs,  Media  Center  CE  devices,  HD  IPTV  boxes,  DVB5S/C/T  HD  STBs,  and  in5home media5HDD products.At the very heart of Wyplay’s offering is the Wyplay Modular Solutions (WMS), an embedded, robust, and  full5featured  HD  software  platform  that  provides  the  most  complete  range  of  functionality available  in  the  market for  both  “in  the  box”  and  “in  the  cloud”  connected  entertainment experiences.  WMS  delivers  unsurpassed  connectivity  and  media  playability.  In  addition  to  WMS’s impressive technical and performance pedigree, Wyplay provides an elegant and intuitive 2D & 3D user  interface  that  greatly  contributes  to  the  quality  of  experience  for  the  most  demanding customer. Wyplay enables its key partners to build and customize their own unique solutions using the WMS Application Development Kit (ADK).To discover more about “The Connected TV OS”, visit www.wyplay.com

About ViXs:

ViXS is a multimedia solutions innovator providing technologies for processing, managing, securing and distributing high quality video and audio allowing seamless control, conversion, and connectivity between many classes and sizes of digital entertainment devices.ViXS supplies advanced System5on5Chip semiconductors, software solutions and hardware reference designs  for  the  world’s  top  manufacturers  of  Digital  TVs,  DVDs,  Set5top  boxes,  Personal  Video Recorders,  PCs,  Network5Attached  Storage  devices,  Residential/Home  Gateways,  Blu5ray players/recorders, as well as Broadcast and Professional Equipment OEMs.ViXS  is  headquartered  in  Toronto,  Canada  with  global  operations  and  offices  in  Europe, Asia  and North America. ViXS has filed more than 240 patents worldwide with over 70 patents being issued to date. Listed for four years running as one of Deloitte’s fastest growing North American companies, ViXS is setting new standards in the way digital entertainment is viewed and transmitted across an endless array of multimedia products.For more information on ViXS, please visit our website: www.vixs.com.

Adobe®Flash®Player 10.1 is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems.

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