the story of Dailymotion

Founded in 2005, dailymotion operates an online video streaming platform that allows users to find, share, upload, and react, to professional and amateur videos. The company also provides advertising products and dailymotion cloud, a video solution adaptable to user storage space and bandwidth needs. We started working for Dailymotion (Benjamin Bejbaum & Didier Rappaport, among others) back in late-2007 when the company was experiencing explosive usage – but no revenue yet. We actually got in touch thanks to one of our young analysts who noticed the company’s development and happened to know the CTO Olivier Poitrey – thanks Jeremy! After a successful A-round, we followed the company that experienced tremendous growth (including at revenue level) and managerial evolution, with Cédric Tournay taking the lead. We worked with the latter for the $170m trade-sale to Orange in 2013. When we first met the company, it was delivering over 20 million views a day on its main site and 15 million through external players with explosive growth. To this day, it remains a leading destination on the Internet for video entertainment with over 300m users watching 3,5bn videos every month.

Innovators:Cédric Tournay & Didier Rappaport

Cédric Tournay is passionate about digital media. Founder and CEO of, which he sold to Lagardère Group in 2007 for 138 million euros, Cédric joined Dailymotion team in 2009 as CEO. He played a key role in making the online video-sharing platform the 2nd largest worldwide, with 300 million individual visitors and 3.5 billion videos watched every month to date.


Didier Rappaport has been at the forefront of the Internet scene since he developed B2B online services in the 2000s. He co-founded Dailymotion – now the second largest video-sharing platform in the world – and was its COO until late 2008. Relentless and creative, Didier is the co-founder and CEO of Happn, the dating app that is poised to turn the dating industry upside down.

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