the story of Leetchi (Mangopay) pioneered collaborative payment solutions. Founded in 2009 by Céline Lazorthes, the company tried to create an easy and convenient service to collect money for any occasion whilst keeping in mind the users’ concerns and online behavior. Started as a solution to buy a group gift, it now offers a fast, easy & secure way for people to collect money together online with the aim to finance any type of project (from supporting good causes to financing personal projects). offers high quality, innovative money solutions via the commercialization of its MANGOPAY API, developed to answer the strong market request for C2C payments. MANGOPAY is a provider of payment solutions dedicated to collaborative players such as marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms, and currently serves over 2,000 client platforms across Europe. We have been working with and its founder Céline Lazorthes since 2011/2012, when Idinvest acquired a stake in the company along existing investor 360° Capital Partners. We kept on assisting the company, leading to the acquisition by banking group Crédit Mutuel Arkéa in 2015. Side story: in the meantime, one of our team members who worked on the private placement, left us… to join Leetchi as COO. That’s how far we go when it comes to professional services and client relationships. Leetchi is now the leading European fundraising website with 10 million users in 150 countries.

Innovators:Céline Lazorthes

Celine is the founder and CEO of the Leetchi Group ( and MangoPay). is the leading online group payment solution allowing customers to create “pools” in order to collect money. Mangopay is a payment platform dedicated to crowdfunding sites and marketplaces. The group was sold to Arkea in 2015. Céline is an emblematic figure of the tech ecosystem in France and is involved in numerous organisations promoting entrepreneurship and digital innovation.

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