the story of Sequans

Founded in 2003 by a team of broadband experts from Alcatel and Pacific Broadband, Sequans is a leading provider of single-mode LTE chips and modules for the Internet of Things (IoT) and a wide range of broadband data devices. Founded in 2003, Sequans has developed and delivered seven generations of LTE technology (starting with WiMax) and its chips are certified and shipping in networks around the world. and is the chosen technology partner for some of the world’s most prominent IoT & telecom market players including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, NTT DoCoMo & Foxconn. We started to work with George Karam, founder & CEO of Sequans, back in late-2005. At that time, WiMax was still in project mode. If “trusted advisor” or “long term advisor” needed an illustration, we can fairly state that Sequans is as good as an illustration can get, as we were glad to assist the company in 7 successful transactions over an 8-year period of time, gathering a mix of financial investors (eg. Kennet, Serena Capital, BPI France) and industrial investors (Motorola, Alcatel, Swisscom, Reliance). Sequans is now listed on the New-York Stock Exchange (NYSE: SQNS) and based in Paris, France with additional offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, South Korea, and China.

Innovators:Georges Karam

Georges is the founder of Sequans Communications, the global provider of 4G LTE semiconductor solutions, listed on NYSE and which has raised $150m+ over the years. Georges counts as one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the telecommunication space and served at various executive positions in the telecom industry incl. Juniper Networks, Alcatel, Sagem & Philipps.


Today, Sequans is recognized as one of the most successful ventures of the last 10 years and is now a worldwide leader of LTE for IoT. Georges holds a PhD from Telecom Paris, is a senior member of IEEE, and he published a variety of technical and scientific papers as well as numerous patents in digital communications.

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