the story of Webedia

Active since 2007, webedia is a global media and technology company active in 15 countries (France, USA, Brazil, Germany, UK, Spain, Turkey, Lebanon, UAE, Mexico and LATAM) and through a global network of unique talents, media brands, events and services within the entertainment and recreation industries: movies, gaming and eSports, lifestyle, food, travel, media and pop culture. We started working with Guillaume Multrié and Cédric Siré back in early 2013, when Webedia was already a leading digital media group built around vertical destination websites (PurePeople, PureFashion etc) leveraging technology to optimize content creation and monetization. It resulted in the trade sale to the holding company of Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière (founder of Fitch Ratings) for €70m+. The latter wanted to build a leading Internet holding company à la IAC/Barry Diller and found two managers able to work on the next phase of development, both organically and through acquisitions, four of which were handled by Clipperton. Webedia now boasts 4 billion views a month with more than 50 media brands under their wing (AlloCiné, AdoroCinema, SensaCine, FilmStarts, MoviePilot,, GameStar, 3DJuegos, MinhaVida, Tudo Gostoso, 750g, PurePeople, EasyVoyages…) and some of the most influential trendsetters on social media (Talent Web network including Vanoss, TheSyndicate, Cyprien, Squeezie, Norman, Natoo, Sananas, El Rubius, Kéfera,…).

Innovators:Cédric Siré

Cédric Siré is co-founder and CEO of Webedia, which has become in a few years a leading digital media player with more 20 million Monthly UVs and 1000 employees worldwide. Among other things, Cédric led the sale of Webedia to Fimalac group, and managed numerous acquisitions for the group, including movie portal Allociné for €67m in 2013, for €90m and various international acquisitions in Germany and the middle east.

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