The raised funds will be used mainly for the international expansion of the company. Le Collectionist plans to invest in the opening of a hundred local offices around the world.

As part of its global expansion and with the support of Red River West, Le Collectionist will accelerate its establishment in the United States.

Le Collectionist also announces the acquisition of Bonder & Co, the leading provider of online rental services in Ibiza for the last 11 years.

In only 4 years, Le Collectionist has become the #1 choice for clients looking for a unique holiday experience in luxury private properties. Le Collectionist has developed a unique and highly effective model in the luxury rental industry that combines central conciergerie services with local offices. The local affiliates are in charge of sourcing properties, welcoming customers and ensuring the quality of the experience during the stay. Today, 15 destinations with a local office, such as Saint Tropez, Ibiza and Paros, constitute a significant part of Le Collectionist’s business volume. To meet the increasing demand, Le Collectionist will continue the development and improvement of its personalized recommendation technology based on a very detailed knowledge of the customers (their tastes, passions, needs …) and the properties offered (each property has over 500 “tags”).