Private Sport Shop merges with SportPursuit to become Sportscape Group

Clipperton acted as sole financial advisor to Private Sport Shop, a leading e-commerce company selling sports material backed by Bridgepoint Development Capital, on its merger with SportPursuit.

The merger of PSS and SportPursuit forms Sportscape Group, creating Europe’s most attractive digital sports equipment offering for millions of sports enthusiasts looking for sporting goods at exceptional prices. Its aim is to become the leading destination in Europe and beyond for the sports and outdoor communities.

Both Private Sport Shop and SportPursuit brands will continue to operate in their original markets, relying on their strong consumer recognition and loyalty built up over more than 10 years. 


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Press release (extract)

June 28, 2022 - Private Sport Shop (PSS) was created in 2011, operating in France, Spain, and Italy (and more recently in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands) with an online community of 15 million members. It has grown rapidly to become the European market leader in its segment by developing a portfolio of 2,000 brands encompassing more than 100+ sports.... READ FULL PR

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