Xee, the connected service platform reinventing the way drivers use their cars announced it has raised above €12 million from Bridgestone, Total and Cofip who joined existing investor ViaID.

This fundraising from Brigdestone, Total & Cofip is a new step in the growth story of Xee which experiences by a strong sales and marketing momentum, and has demonstrated its capacity to repeatedly introduce innovations on market and to onboard of its platform tier-one industrial players in automotive, aftermarket or insurance, willing to offer value-adding mobility services to their clients. Xee successfully initiated its European roll-out in 2016 and is already trusted by leaders such as Midas, Indigo and Axa who have built and integrated connected cars services in their business model thanks to Xee’s data management platform. The company will now consolidate its leadership position in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium and will expand further in Europe by deploying its solution in Germany, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.